AuReLi Demo

AuReLi (Automatic Relational Database to Linked Data Converter) is a software to convert relational databases into RDF linked data. It is based on the D2R Server.

The main features added to the original D2R Server are:

  • The automatic mapping generation between the database attributes and existing ontology entities
  • The graphical user interface
  • The automatic addition of links to related data in the generated RDF


Contact: Simeon Polfliet and Ryutaro Ichise

Mapping generator interface

AuReLi mapping generator

Automatic mapping generation result for the world database

AuReLi mapping generator result

HTML display of the generated RDF file by the D2R Server, with the addition of a link to DBpedia

RDF file generated


Simeon Polfliet, Ryutaro Ichise: Automated Mapping Generation for Converting Databases into Linked Data, In Proceedings of the ISWC 2010 Poster and Demonstrations Track, pp. 173-176, 2010