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Ryutaro Ichise Summary of Reserch

Welcome to our web site!

AuReLi Demo: AuReLi is a software to convert RDB into RDF linked data

SLINT+: SLINT+ detects all owl:sameAs links between two given linked data sources

HowLinks: HowLinks is a framewok for the integration of procedural knowledge into the Linked Data Cloud

ScSLINT: ScSLINT is a scalable interlinking framework designed for time and memory efficiency

Range Violation Datasets: Range Violation Datasets are datasets for resolving range violations in DBpedia

ADAS Ontology: Advanced Driving Assistant System Ontology

Knowledge Graph Creation Datasets: Datasets for Knowledge Graph Creation contain two datasets as the guideline for the knowledge graph creation task

Extending Knowledge Graph with Ontology Matching: A Dataset for Knowledge Graph

TorusE: An Embedding model onto a torus for knowledge graph completion

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